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Quality policy



To offer our clients storage, packaging changes, transportation, reworking and selections services that are 100% in line with their expectations and respecting the environment.


To become a benchmark as an auxiliary company with a long-term criterion for our clients, both for the quality of the services and for respect for the environment.


  1.     Client focus
  2.     Technical and productive capacity
  3.     Knowledge of the conditions of the sector

IMPROVING’s Integrated Quality and Environmental Policy is contained within this document, publishing in it that MANAGEMENT has been taking positive action in order to demonstrate the company’s ability to meet client requirements and undertake adequate environmental management based on:

Fulfilment of the needs of the stakeholders.

Economic progress of the organisation and

Social and human progress of staff and the environment.

In order to achieve the above, MANAGEMENT assumes the following commitments, making them public, both internally and externally:

IMPROVING is committed to maintaining an up-to-date quality and environmental system in order to demonstrate its ability to meet the requirements of our most important asset, its staff and clients.

IMPROVING undertakes to make this policy available to all stakeholders and to review it as often as necessary in order to ensure its accuracy.

IMPROVING undertakes to know and comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, in addition to those to which the organisation subscribes voluntarily, verifying that all stakeholders comply with these requirements and establishing the necessary mechanisms to do so, continuously improving the Integrated Management System.

IMPROVING undertakes to provide the system with an organised structure, according to the requirements of each moment and with the necessary and adequate resources to undertake its commitment to quality and the environment.

IMPROVING is committed, by way of the identification of objectives and their revision, to maintain continuous improvement in order to better productivity, stimulate creativity, initiative and the sense of responsibility of our staff.

IMPROVING is committed to identifying the current and future needs of our clients and other stakeholders, fostering relationships with them, meeting their requirements and making an effort to meet their expectations. We are committed to offering the safest solutions for our workers, environmental sustainability and the most appropriate technologies.

IMPROVING is committed to planning prevention by way of its integration together with technique, work organisation, social relations and the influence of environmental factors at work, providing in turn safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injuries and deterioration of health linked to work.

IMPROVING is committed to minimising our waste generation and preventing pollution by way of the provision of training and means for our employees and stakeholders to ensure they actively collaborate in this cause. Protecting the environment by way of the sustainable use of natural resources and efficient use of energy, optimising the use of raw materials and promoting practices of reduction, reuse and recycling, mitigating climate change and protecting climate change and ecosystems.

IMPROVING is committed to evaluating the environmental impacts caused throughout the life cycle of its services in order to prevent, eliminate or reduce them, avoiding the transfer of environmental impacts from one stage of the life cycle to another, or from one impact category to another.

IMPROVING is committed to involving, motivating, training and informing all staff at the organisation and stakeholders to get involved in Occupational Health and Safety, Quality and Environment, in addition to providing the information and resources required to achieve the objectives.

IMPROVING is committed and invites the commitment of each and every individual who belongs to the organisation, and its suppliers, in order to collaborate with honesty as regards the achievement of this policy and the objectives derived from it.

January 2021