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We innovate with the help of data

To increase value, offer decision-making capacity and provide the best service at the best price

We have our own warehouse management system in which we incorporate as much data as possible for segmentation and analysis. This enables us to ensure control, analyse flows and their impact on price, and are able to plan constant improvements.


Much more than
just warehouse management

We have our own warehouse management system (IIWS) that was created at the same time as the company, and was designed to convert data into knowledge. This software undergoes constant improvement and updates.


Whether it is recurring information or information required on an ad hoc basis, our tool provides the data that facilitates fast decision making.


Our online platform enables clients to know both their stock level and location at all times.


In our warehouses, we employ the use of barcode reading and processing in order to feed the system. This gives clients access to information in real-time.


Our system enables us to easily adopt our client’s working methods and even integrate their IT system into our own.

Logistics innovation for third parties

Our expertise enables us to offer logistics consulting services to various companies to improve their competitiveness

Our services include:

General logistics diagnosis

Strategy design

Improvement alternatives

Process improvement using digital technology

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