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Services for logistics capable of adding value every step of the way

Storage, handling and assembly, transportation, auxiliary materials and much more

We design each logistics project according to the client’s needs, considering it to be a complete process and integrating all steps that enable us to meet the needs of the client who trusts us with their goods










Logistics storage

200,000 m2 of facilities in the most active industrial estates

45.000 m2

Customs Warehouse (DA)
Bonded Customs Warehouse (DDA)

Goods stored without time limits

Partial dispatch of goods

Option to undertake handling in the warehouse itself

Goods controlled under strict security measures

Specialised enclosures
for foodstuffs

We work in accordance with the international standardised norms that certify the correct handling of foodstuffs.

Data for anticipation

We design each logistics project according to the client’s needs, considering it to be a complete process and integrating all steps that enable us to meet the needs of the client who trusts us with their goods

Assembly and handling services

Logistics process for all industrial sectors, e-commerce and large-scale distribution


Handling for industry, e-commerce and large-scale distribution


We rework any type of part in accordance with the instructions given by the client.
We always comply with the required quality standards.


We review potentially defective goods (with mechanical, visual or any other type of defects). We manage the percentage of NOK parts and their segregation.


We offer packaging services for industry or retail. Our services include batch marking, checking by weight, waste management and continuous process improvements.


We transfer parts from transportation packaging to final packaging. We check references, ensure quantities and re-label where necessary.

Freight transportation service

With our own fleet for national and international destinations








Special Employment Centre Services

Labour integration with benefits for all

We integrate SEC services that help our clients to comply with legislation and improve both their competitiveness and reputation

Support for disabled people

The SEC trains the team and supports it in terms of both personal and professional development. Signing a contract with the SEC therefore facilitates the labour insertion of these individuals.
In return, the SEC itself receives bonuses that improve the competitiveness of our clients.

Improved corporate reputation

The incorporation of people from the SEC into the daily activity of the company implies a direct and substantial improvement in terms of its reputation.
Additionally, when employees from our SEC work in the client’s workspace, the whole team grows from both a professional and human perspective. ​

And the benefits of diversity

Packaging and pallets

Manufacture and repairs of packaging and pallets for storage and transport. Possibility of accessing material via direct sale or rental.

Auxiliary machinery

Rental of articulated platforms and scissor lifts, both electric and diesel, of different sizes in order to work at height. With the guarantee of those who know the logistic and industrial sectors well.

Logistics services for e-commerce and marketplace

Directly connected to the client’s website to:

logistics costs

delivery times

Manage stock without surprises

Logistics consulting services

Two decades of logistics excellence enable us to offer our support to other companies.

For large corporations, we offer services centred upon innovation.
For SMEs, we offer specialised support that will enable them to increase their competitiveness.

  • Diagnostics on corporate logistics
  • Design of strategies to improve competitiveness
  • Study and development of viable alternatives 
  • Process improvement using digital technology

Not only do we design solutions, we also implement them, supporting the start-up and supervising the work until we achieve the client’s objectives.